Welcome Parents!

If you are considering the Coping Power program for your child, here are some things you might want to know:

-The program teaches important social and emotional skills that can benefit all children.

-The program can be used for children with a wide range of needs.  It can be used for preventive purposes to teach your child skills that can help them achieve their goals, ensure that they develop healthy social skills, make good choices, maintain friendships with positive peers, and learn to cope with adversity and handle strong feelings effectively. 

-The program can also be used for children who are experiencing difficulty in one or more of these areas.  It can be especially helpful for children who are having difficulty handling their anger or who are engaging in mild-to -moderate aggressive behavior.

-As a parent, you can play a central role in helping your child develop effective social and emotional coping skills.  The parent component of Coping Power also provides important tools and ideas to help you support your child in developing these skills. 

If you have been contacted about an opportunity for you or your child to participate in Coping Power, please take time to speak with the provider about Coping Power, the way your child was identified for the program, what participation in the program entails, potential benefits of participation, and other treatment options. 


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