Project Specialists

Kathy Andrews Kathy Andrews, Interventionist/Trainer

Ms. Andrews has a master’s degree in special education and has over 20 years of experience as a special education teacher. She also holds degrees in Nursing and Occupational Therapy. Ms. Andrews joined the Coping Power staff in June of 2002.
Linda Bonner Linda Bonner, Accounting Specialists

Ms. Bonner brings a diverse background of experience to her position of accounting specialist with the Coping Power program. She filled a number of positions, including Director, of a daycare center, and has been employed by the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Department. She joined the Coping Power Staff in June of 2003.
Lixin Qu, Data Analysts

Lixin Qu holds a master’s degree in Statistics from Iowa State University. She joined the Coping Power staff in July, 2003.

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