Target Population

The Coping Power Program has been developed for children approaching and involved in the transition to middle school, and is most appropriate for children from 4 th to 6 th grades. The program has been provided to boys and girls, and the outcome research has been primarily conducted with children and families of African-American and Caucasian ethnicity. The Coping Power Program has typically been delivered to children identified by their teachers and parents as being among the most aggressive and disruptive children (e.g. top 20 to 30 percent), and thus addresses a group of children who are at-risk for subsequent substance use and delinquency. The Parent Component is delivered to the parents or primary caretaker of these children.

Areas of Influence


Protective Factors

Risk Factors

Individual Emotional regulation Aggressive behavior
Social problem solving Unregulated anger
Appropriate attributions
Internal Locus of Control

Family Parental involvement Harsh punishment
Consistent discipline

Lack of parental warmth

School Academic competence Behavioral problems
School bonding

Peers Social acceptance Social rejection
  D Deviant peers

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