• Emotional Awareness
    Through safe interaction,
    children are taught how to
    manage their emotions
    and how they affect others.
  • Study & Organize
    Children are provided tools
    to help them study and organize
    their school work...
    while having a bit of fun too.
  • Problem
    The PICC model helps kids
    solve problems effectively.
  • Goal Setting
    Children learn the importance of
    setting challenging, yet
    realistic goals for their
    everyday lives as well as
    for their futures.
  • Communication
    and Social Skills
    Through fun activities and
    structured role-plays kids develop and
    sharpen their communication
    and social skills.
Kid Group
Improving Interventions through research and empowering communities through outreach
Our goal is to provide effective programs to bring out the best in every child. We provide skills-based training to help students excel in social, emotional, and academic contexts. We hire the best and the brightest to execute these programs in schools and we have partners all over the world. If your child is enrolled in the Coping Power Program, rest assured that your child will be learning from an award-winning, research-based program taught by staff that really care about your child’s success!