Upcoming Events

  • ISCR 2018

    Coping Power Child & Parent Component Training

    Presentation: This training will cover the background and rationale of the program as well as both components.

    • August 28 & 30
    • Webinar Training
  • Child and Parent Components Training

    The Child and Parent Components of Coping Power will be covered in this two-day training. This training prepares clinicians to lead the Coping Power Program by giving a basic background of the research and then going through the manualized program session by session. To register, email us at copingpower@ua.edu

  • Blueprints Conference (Denver,CO)

    The goal of this conference is to disseminate science-based information on programs that have the highest standards for promoting education, behavior, emotional well-being, physical health and positive relationships. This conference will provide support, guidance, and tools by program and prevention experts to promote effective policymaking and help practitioners implement these programs in their own communities.

    • April 27, 28, & 29