What Families Have to Say...

Parent Testimonials

What I liked best was that I had the ability to network with other parents and discuss common issues.
Casandra P
I enjoyed being able to connect real life situations with someone outside of my family.
Mary W
It was interesting to know other family’s dealt with the same situations as I did. It helped me figure new ways to approach different circumstances.
Kerri A
Coping Power showed me better ways to communicate with my son.
Sanequa B
The main thing I got out of coping power was the different strategies to handle situations that can come up at home.
Dawnelle L
Communication was the best take away I had. My daughter and I have experienced a positive change since we have both been participating in Coping Power.
Robert A
The Parent group meetings have been great because you are speaking with other parents and hearing from other parents who are going through similar things and who use different strategies.
Gabriella S
The parent group is just awesome! The input with all the parents is great. Being able to hear all of their stories and being able to share ideas with each other has been very positive for me and my son.
Lili Z
Coping Power has taught me to look at myself first. Not to be a ruler over my child and maybe compromise and listen to his opinion more. It has made my life a little easier.
Heather M
I got the chance to see my daughter make thoughtful, positive decisions instead of impulsive, negative ones.
Cody P
I like the fact that Coping Power listen to your opinions and options as well as they give out great advice.
Nikkita C
It gives me the opportunity to be in a nonjudgmental environment. It also helps me communicate better with my son.
Anastasia O
I like the experience that the children have and how they are taught to handle different situations and how consequences follow their actions.
Josh P
My son loved being able to sit down and talk and relax with someone other than me.
Rosa G

Child Testimonials

I loved that Coping Power made me feel safe and calm.
Age 9
Coping Power helped me learn to control my anger and not let it get the best of me.
Age 11
The best thing about Coping Power was all the things we learned, my group leaders, and the prices that we could buy with out points""
Age 10
What I Love best about Coping Power is that it helps me to be kind to other people.
Age 13
I really liked having the group leaders there for me to talk to about the problems I was having at school.
Age 12
I loved Coping Power! I can take the skills to middle school and high school to help me.
Age 11
I learned how to solve problems and make good choices when people tried to start trouble with me.
Age 13
The coping statements are my favorite because they helped me to do the right thing and you can't follow the person who does the wrong thing.
Age 10