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What is Coping Power?

What is Coping Power?

Coping Power is an award winning, skills-training program developed in the early 1990s. The program is usually delivered in schools by a Coping Power trained administrator and the school counselor to small groups of students.

Coping Power Crew

What happens in groups?

In groups, the group leader checks in with students about whether they met their goal for the week. The weekly lesson is taught using interactive and engaging methods like puppets, videos, and demonstrations. Kids can earn points for meeting their goals, paying attention, and attendance. At the end of their meeting, they set their goals for next week and can choose whether to spend their points by buying something from the rewards catalog or save them up for a bigger reward. Groups are about 50 minutes long and take place during the school day at a time negotiated by the teacher and counselor.

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What do they learn?

Students learn vital skills that will prepare them for middle school and beyond. Skills like organization and study skills will prepare them academically. Social skills like resisting peer pressure and emotional skills such as how to handle anger and frustration are taught as well. Your child will improve their problem solving and conflict resolution abilities. All around, your child will be better prepared to handle the stress and changes that lie ahead.

for teachers

For Teachers

Teachers are very important to the Coping Power process! Participants in the Coping Power program will fill out goal sheets each week, an integral part of the skills training. We rely on your insight to monitor their progress and sign off on these sheets.

for parents

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A critical part of the Coping Power program is the parent group. You will have a chance to hear about what your child has been learning in their group and how to support those skills at home! Also, we will have a topic each meeting, such as academic support in the home, and you will be able to bounce ideas off of other parents and our group leaders. Parent groups meet multiple times throughout the course of the program, and discuss topics like: