About Our Program

Coping Power Heroes

Why parents should consider coping power

The program teaches important social and emotional skills that can benefit ALL children with a wide range of needs.

Children who are experiencing difficulty in one or more of the following areas can benefit from the program:
Setting and achieving goals, social skills, refusing peer pressure, making positive choices, maintaining healthy peer relationships, coping with adversity and strong feelings, handling anger, or engaging in mild-to moderate aggressive behaviors.

Parent to Hero

What to do if you have been contacted

If you have been contacted about an opportunity for you or your child to participate in Coping Power, please take time to speak with the provider about Coping Power about the following information:

  • How your child was identified/ selected for the program
  • Details about you and your child’s involvement and participation in the program
  • Potential benefits for you and your child

Areas Coping Power May Improve

  • Family Communication
  • Family Problem Solving
  • Managing Challenging Behaviors
  • Managing the Stress of Parenting
  • Academic Support in the Home
  • Improving Child Behavior